Top 10 Best Elevated Dog Bowls For Larger Breeds

Elevated dog feeders for large breeds

Ten Best Elevated Dog Bowls For Larger Breeds Unlike traditional dog bowls that are placed on the ground, elevated dog bowls for larger breeds are specially designed to help your large hound eat in a natural, comfortable position that will ease digestion and relieve pressure on the neck and muscles. Additionally, the pet bowls come in stable designs to prevent spillage and skidding. We have sampled the best dog bowls …

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Should You Wake a Sleeping Dog or Let The Sleeping Dog Lie?

dog sleeping dog snoring

Should you wake a sleeping dog? I guess you’ve probably heard the phrase “let sleeping dogs lie” and you are right there wondering what this phrase means and how is it related to real-life dogs. To find the right answer, let’s take a look into how dogs sleep, their dreams, how long their sleep last, and sleep rhythms, then we can draw a conclusion on whether or not you should …

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Top 10 Best Dog Earplugs for Bathing

dog earplug

The Top 10 Dog Earplugs for Bathing Bath time plays a crucial role in the health of your dog’s skin and fur since bathing helps eliminate dirt and parasites. Bathing also makes your pet more pleasant to be around by reducing pet odors. While the frequency of baths varies by breed, there are standard considerations when bathing dogs. Every pet parent should protect the dog’s ear from moisture buildup. When …

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Why Is My Dog Barking In Sleep?

Bagel Dog Bed by Majestic Pet Products best dog bed

Why dogs bark in sleep Dogs are rather complex animals and it takes a lot of time and attention to understand them. They don’t seem as complicated as they actually are because over the years, we’ve made tremendous efforts to understand them and we are a lot more familiar with them than we are with other animals. Yet still, there some things our dogs do which leave us with more …

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Top 5 Dog Crate Pads for Heavy Chewers


Top 5 Best Dog Crate Pads for Heavy Chewers I have used dog crate pads for heavy chewers before and I noticed that they could, at times, be so uncomfortable for my dog. Given that dog crates are normally made of rather sturdy and tough materials, such discomfort is expected. To ease this discomfort, you need to get your furry friend a comfortable yet indestructible dog crate pads. These chew proof …

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15 Best Dog Beds for Small Dogs-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

bed for small dog

Dog Beds for Small Dogs As a dog owner, you’ve always wanted to give your loyal, furry friend a comfy spot they can call their own.  For this reason, we have assembled a collection of the best-reviewed products, popular among customers on Amazon for you to choose from. This review has 15 best dog beds for small dogs, and we have made sure that our wide variety never leaves out …

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Top 5 Best Hunting Dog Crates

Best Hunting Dog Crates

Top 5 Best Hunting Dog Crates Owing to the growing desire of pet owners to have an enchanting hunting experience with their dogs, dog crates continue to evolve and adapt to this new trend. Most of them feature heavy-duty, durable constructions, besides other safety features. While hunting, an average dog kennel may not be ideal. Consequently, a hunting dog crate crafted especially for your hunting paw-tner is a must-have. In …

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Relaxing Dog Music for Sleep

Furhaven Pet NAP Dual Lounger Bed

Relaxing Dog Music for Sleep   When I first heard that there’s music out there (relaxing dog music) to help dogs sleep, my mind was blown away. Like, who composes lullabies for dogs? Can they do a concert for dogs. Well, there’s some eeriness to the idea of music for dogs.  Medically, dogs need a lot of sleep. Seeing your dog not sleeping at all may be devastating to most …

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Top 10 Best Donut Cuddler Dog Bed- Reviews and Buy Guide

Puppy Panting While Sleeping

Best Donut Dog Beds Looking to get your canine friend a high-quality, donut cuddler dog bed? You just clicked the right link. Donut cuddler dog beds are designed to give your dog support for better sleep; thanks to their round shape, especially for dogs who love to curl up. Coupled with a deep, plush surface, a donut cuddler encourages your furry friend to curl or sprawl for some sound sleep. …

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Why Is My Dog Running In Sleep? (With Video)

Why do dogs run in their sleep? (Sleep Walking Dog, Video Courtesy of YouTube) It’s funny and sad to watch your dog running in sleep. I mean it’s not something you get to see every day; more like sleepwalking but rather hilarious but you still have to sympathize with the poor pet. Some dog owners go as far as recording the episode. But why do dogs run in their sleep? …

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