Top 8 Best Dog Lift Harness

dog lift harness

Top 8 Best Dog Lift Harness When dogs lose their ability to move freely for some unfortunate reason, a dog lift harness is a simple and effective solution. This is especially for elderly dogs with weak legs, orthopedic injuries, hip dysplasia, and arthritis pain. Likewise, veterinarians recommend dog lift harnesses to rehabilitate dogs recovering from surgeries or any other debilitating ailments. In this article, we list the Top 8 Best …

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Do Dogs Sleep All Night?

FurHaven Pet Dog Bed Best Dog Beds for Cockapoo

Do Dogs Sleep All Night? If you are a pet parent to a dog, you know they sleep a lot; perhaps enough to even make you a little jealous. Dogs spend most of their day napping. It makes you wonder whether they will have any sleep to spare for the night. Do dogs sleep all night? Or perhaps they stay awake? Is it okay for your dog to sleep all …

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Top 10 Best Cooling Dog Beds-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

cooling dog bed

Best Cooling Dog Beds As summer approaches, the temperatures get higher requiring us to pay keen attention to our four-legged friends because they can never get off their thick fur no matter how high the temperatures rise, but we can help them cool off the temperatures by buying them these amazing cooling dog beds. Dogs, unlike most animals, cannot regulate their body temperatures as effortlessly since they sweat minimally and …

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Top 15 Best dog beds for medium-sized dogs

Petsure Orthopedic Dog Bed beds for medium-sized dogs

Best dog beds for medium-sized dogs Ever thought of buying a suitable dog bed for your Collie, Dalmatian, Siberian Husky, or Labrador Retriever? To put it in another way, have you ever thought of getting one of the best dog beds for medium-sized dogs? All dogs, like our kids, deserve a comfortable and peaceful place to sleep on, regardless of their size. Even more importantly, if your dog is suffering …

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Top 10 Best Dog Water Bowls For Car Travel

Best Dog Water Bowls For Car Travel

Ten Best Dog Water Bowls For Car Travel While on the road, out in the field camping, hiking, or on the beach, it is important to keep our furry friends well hydrated. Now that constantly refilling your dogs’ bowls may be an inconvenience when traveling, it is better for you to find a dog bowl that will conveniently serve your dog with clean, fresh water. We have therefore selected the …

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How to teach a stubborn dog to lay down–Video

How to teach a stubborn dog to lay down A friend of mine has a German Shepherd which is quite a piece of work. While it started out as a meek and very obedient pet, it has since grown into a huge, bold, and very stubborn dog that was fast becoming a nightmare for almost everyone in his family. However, he got some nice advice that’s proven really helpful and …

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Top 10 Best Tent Dog Beds—Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

BEST TENT DOG BEDS Dogs are our best friends and they need all the love and comfort we can give them. Most of us would love to bring our best friends with us for a camping trip and finding a comfortable tent dog bed can be quite a hustle. Sometimes you buy a bed and clearly, your pet doesn’t like it at all. Nevertheless, tent beds are the best option …

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Top 8 Best GPS Wireless Dog Fence

GPS Wireless Dog Fence

Top 8 Best GPS Wireless Dog Fence GPS Wireless Dog Fence is an advanced fencing technology that helps to keep track of your dog without physically being there to monitor them. They are suitable for those dog owners who aren’t around most of the time to watch their dog play. It is not only limited to monitoring your dog but also teaching them how to behave. This can be done …

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How to keep your dog cool at night

Gowild Oversize Travel Dog Mat

How to keep your dog cool at night Weather changes from time to time and it’s something we can’t control—and our best friends can’t control it too. While we can change our clothes with regards to the weather, dogs are somehow trapped under their skin so we may have to help them out when they can’t help themselves to adjust to the environmental changes. In this post, I share some …

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Why Does My Dog Freak Out At night?–Reasons and Solutions

  Seeing your dog freak out at night can be a major concern. Puppies can be restless at night which is normal, but for older dogs, it can be a serious concern which you’ll look into because it could be an issue with your pup’s well-being. Why dogs freak out at night Night anxiety is a trait commonly found in young dogs or puppies especially when they are exposed to …

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