Top 8 Best Dog Lift Harness

dog lift harness

Top 8 Best Dog Lift Harness When dogs lose their ability to move freely for some unfortunate reason, a dog lift harness is a simple and effective solution. This is especially for elderly dogs with weak legs, orthopedic injuries, hip dysplasia, and arthritis pain. Likewise, veterinarians recommend dog lift harnesses to rehabilitate dogs recovering from surgeries or any other debilitating ailments. In this article, we list the Top 8 Best …

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Top 8 Best Dog Playpen For Hardwood Floors

best dog playpen for hardwood floor

Top 8 Best Dog Playpen For Hardwood Floors- Reviewers and Buyers Guide Buying a dog playpen for hardwood floors is a great decision that will help a lot in preserving your property. They give your dog enough room for play within an enclosed area. Moreover, dog playpens go as far as making your life as a god owner much easier since you won’t have to monitor your dog’s movements every …

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Top 8 Best Dog Backpack Carriers for Biking

Dog Backpack Carriers for Biking

If you are a dog lover who loves to bike, you’d want your dog to tag along whenever you are out for a ride. Dogs tend to get tired after some period of strenuous running, and it may be difficult to keep up. This is why you need dog backpack carriers for biking. Unlike dog carrier slings, carrier backpacks affix to your back or chest, allowing your dog to sit …

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Top 8 Indoor Dog Pen With Floor

best indoor dog pen with floor

A dog pen is a must-have for any dog owner out there especially if you are always on the move and you rarely have time to watch your dog. Whenever you leave your pooch at home even for a few hours, you need to figure out how they’ll eat, drink, and take a pee or poo. For this reason, getting a playpen that has an easy-to-clean floor mat might just …

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Top 8 Large Dog Bike Trailers-Reviewers and Buyers Guide

best large dog bike trailer

Sunday rides with your pooch is a dream for many owners out there especially if you’re a cyclist on the side and what better way to make this dream come true other than getting a bike trailer. Bike trailers can really help a lot more so if you have a large dog. It lets you do a fun activity that you enjoy and also bring your dog along for the …

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Top 8 Large Dog Exercise Pens

best large dog exercise pens

Having a dog at home can be quite cumbersome for most owners especially if you have to leave them alone unattended. If they aren’t properly trained they can cause a lot of damage to your home which can range from chewing on your furniture to even taking a pee in your living room. Some owners might opt for large dog exercise pens which aren’t a probable choice in my opinion. …

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Top 8 Portable dog playpens

Outdoor Portable Dog Fences for Camping

Most dog owners wouldn’t want to leave their pooch behind while going camping. It is a fun adventure that creates a bond especially when the entire family is around, including your pet. However, most camping sites have certain rules that you and your pet need to adhere to. Some restriction need to be in play, more so if they are the mischievous type. From my level of understanding, dogs are …

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Top 8 Best Portable Dog Water Bottles


Our pets need water just as much as we do, It’s the backbone of their survival. Water also helps to maintain normal body temperatures and reduce dehydration. As such you should always ensure you carry water with you while on camping or going for a hike. This is where a portable dog water bottles come in handy, it allows you to carry water for your pooch especially during your fun …

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Top 8 Best Vet Recommended Dog Dental Chews

Top 8 Best Vet Recommended Dog Dental Chews

Top 8 Best Vet Recommended Dog Dental Chews- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide Dental chews are reliable products that improve your dog’s dental health. Not only do they improve oral health but also act as a toy that entertains your dog. It soothes the gums while scrapping off plaque buildup on the teeth. However, some dental treats may not work pretty well with your dog, that’s why it’s important to get …

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8 Best Spiked Collar for Dog Training

best spiked dog collars for training

8 Best Spiked Collar for Dog Training- Reviewers and Buyers Guide A spiked dog collar is a piece of training equipment that almost every dog owner uses at some point especially for new or growing dogs that aren’t accustomed to your set of rules. Moreover, they offer the best of both worlds since they are not only used for training but for protecting your dog as well from other animals. …

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