Why Does My Dog Sleep With Me?

Why Does My Dog Sleep With Me?

Most dog owners usually ask, ‘Why does my dog sleep with me?’ Dogs being social beings naturally tend to look for security and comfort. If snuggling next to you in bed gives them the warmth and comfort that they need then they will always be in bed with you. Even though you may have invested in a good dog bed, with warm washable material and an attractive design, you shouldn’t be surprised to find your dog next to you in bed almost all the time. The reasons why they love your bed and may never want to get out of it are set out in this article. Here are some of the answers to why your dog may want to sleep with you.

1. He Loves You, that’s why he sleeps with you

Dogs definitely love their owners and want to spend time with you. You are like their parent, best friend, companion, playmate and caregiver. Naturally, they are comfortable sleeping beside you.

2. He feels Lonely

Puppies are usually born in multiples and share a crate with their siblings and mother before they are separated. Adopting one out of their family may be very difficult and makes them feel lonely. The only other available person to give them company is you. Loneliness can keep them awake and whimpering all the time on their separate bed. The trick is to never allow her to sleep in your bed even once because sending her to a crate or bed next time will be quite a task. 

3. He feels Cold

It is not enough that they have their own bed, it may not be warm enough to their liking. This happens especially if you have the mat dog bed design yet your dog likes to burrow into covers. When looking for a bed design, be sure to consider this factor. Sleeping alone can be cold in itself but if you have a companion, you keep each other warm even without a cover. Don’t forget that dogs love natural warmth, especially if it comes from someone they love.

4. Your Bed is Large and Spacious

Most dog bed designs are round-shaped and a bit raised. It is hard to find a spacious dog bed. Only the flat mat dog bed design is large but has the downside of not being very warm. The round-shaped beds tend to limit stretching and care-free sleeping for dogs that love to toss, turn and stretch while asleep. Therefore, the best available alternative for your hound is your large, warm and spacious bed. 

5. Your bed is Cleaner and smells fresh

Dogs have human tendencies, and in as much as they are messy themselves, they like a clean and well-organized place. You may not be able to clean their bed as often as you clean your sheets, so you shouldn’t be surprised for your dog to choose your bed over her own. Who doesn’t love to sleep in a bed with fresh bedding anyway? To help, you’d get him one of the many premium-quality dog beds. Additionally, dogs may want to lie on your bed because they associate them with your scent. That is why your dog likes to sleep on your pillow!

6. Security

We humans think that dogs should offer us protection and security. The truth is our dogs depend on us for protection just as we depend on them for the same. Dogs will only act aggressively if they feel threatened and alert you of an intruder. For example, when a visiting friend meets your dog for the first time and the dog starts backing and being aggressive, a simple gesture from you to calm down will reassure her that the intruder is harmless. The dog will then become more trustworthy and feel comfortable with the visitor around. 

Dogs who experienced trauma or abuse when they are younger never fully recover from it. They may never be comfortable by themselves, always sleeping with other dogs or you. If you try leaving it alone in its own bed, it keeps whimpering, backing, or even tossing and turning uncomfortably. If your dog is always scared by sudden sounds and movements as in this case, you may have to take it to a specialist or an animal therapist to rehabilitate him or her. Rescued dogs tend to have this habit and it may take them a while to understand that with you they are safe. After trusting you, they may become clingy and may even move into your bed so that they can be assured of their safety. They may want to sleep on top of you or even sleep at your feet to get a sense of security.

7. He is Possessive

Dogs are very possessive with their owners. They want to monopolize you; they feel entitled to share everything with you including your bed. They have a certain standard of expectations, you endear them with the sweetest names, feed them, play, and care for them. Why not share your bed after all it is just sleep?

8. He’s being Cheeky

Just like small kids know the rules, and yet somehow break them and even succeed in getting away with them, dogs also know what is wrong and right. They just like pushing for their luck and somehow you will let it slide.


Dogs are social beings and seclusion brings them loneliness. Some people may say that letting your dog sleep with you is a bad habit. Well, there is no rule of thumb to this, and how you treat your dog is entirely up to you as long as you are not abusive. There are other factors that may come into play like, if you are single and living alone with your dog, it is ok. But what if you find a human partner and want to settle down with them, trying to replace your dog from your bed with your partner may bring very undesirable outcomes.

Dogs are possessive and somewhat jealous, if they feel that they are being replaced in the life of their owner, they may be emotionally affected, feel lonely, withdraw socially and even become aggressive.  I love my dogs and they are family, but setting boundaries always works best for everyone. I mean, even our human families and associates know and respect boundaries.