Where to put dog beds

Where to put dog beds

If you’re reading this I guess you’ve probably bought that new dog bed but not yet sure where to put dog beds in your house.

Everything about dogs matters; from their places of rest to what they eat, how much exercise they do and so much more. Dogs should have a conducive environment to relax so where you keep the bed really matters. Well, if you are finding it hard to get a nice place for your dog bed worry no more we are here to help you decide.

Here are some tips you may consider when settling on where to put your dog bed:

  • A warm place

Your dog should remain comfy and warm at all times during their sleep. It gives them a sense of security. If you can find a spot near the fireplace or a room that’s shielded from the cold, it’d be a warm and conducive spot for your pup.

  • Your dog’s favorite spot

Each family member has a specific spot in the house where they like to sit. Dogs are no different. You should be keen to monitor your dog’s behavior to determine where they like to sit. Placing the bed in this position will ensure comfort to your pet due to the attachment your pet has with that particular spot. Adding a bed to that place will make it a holy grail.

  • A visible place but not too visible

I know most dog owners wouldn’t want to put their pet bed right in the middle of their living room because it will obviously get in the way which is not a good thing and it may be uncomfortable for both you and your pet. However, if you can hide the dog bed in plain view, it would be scenic—in fact, it’d help with the décor. If you buy this idea, set up the bed in a quiet spot in your living room that provides your pet with a feel of a company yet doesn’t expose it entirely. It will make your pet happy and comfortable.

  • Close to the family

Your dog is not a mere pet; he or she is part of the family like everyone else, as such they should be designated a spot right next to the family. It is appropriate to set up a place where your dog can lie down in a place that the family spends time together. For instance, if the family likes to spend some quality time in the living room, you should set the dog bed up at a spot in the living room where your dog can relax as well. Even better, right next to where you sit in the living room because dogs like to hang around near their owners. If possible, buy many dog beds and set them at different spots where your family spends time.

  • An enclosed section

Nervous won’t sleep until they feel secure. If yours is the nervous or anxious type, an enclosed spot within the room will serve it best. The enclosure will make him or her feel secure and warm without worries about its safety being invaded. Generally, most dogs love enclosed spaces especially when sleeping or just resting so that they feel safe.

  • Outdoors and indoors

I would recommend that your dog should have at least two beds; one for the outdoors while the other in the house. The dog beds for use outdoors should be robust to resist harsh conditions imposed by direct sunlight, downpour, and abrasion. The indoor dog beds, on the other hand, should be cozy and portable.

Parting shot

Not all positions can be appealing to your pet. You should take time and observe the behavior of your pet at your home to determine a suitable sport for the dog bed. If your pet doesn’t seem impressed with where you put its bed, don’t be hesitant to change the position and observe its reaction.

I am sure you’ll find a spot that your pet will love the most.

Lastly, you should choose a bed that matches your dog’s behavior. For example, if your dog is a chewer I would recommend you go for a firm chew proof dog bed. If it pees on the bed, get a water-resistant dog bed, and so on. Feel free to let us know if you need some help choosing an appropriate bed.