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What makes My Sleeping Dog unique is that we understand that our customers are dog lovers, not merely owners. We view dogs as members of our families and know that dogs deserve the same level of comfort as other members of the family. We also understand that today’s market is filled with competing products and that makes getting the best products rather challenging.

To help make choosing the right dog accessories easier, we structure our product reviews, guides, and blogs in a manner that they are scalable, in-depth, and informative. Besides, if you need some help getting the best dog products, you can always ping us. We promise to get back promptly.

Why Your Dog Needs High-Quality Dog Accessories


Like we feel safe in our homes, a dog bed, crate, kennel, cage or pad is a place where your dog can be the master of his domain. Besides his bedding, the rest of the house belongs to the people in it, and a dog can often feel like a second-class citizen.


As much as you clean your floor frequently, it still won’t be the cleanest place for your dog to take a nap or play. Giving your best friend clean dog accessories will help keep him clean and healthy.


Being a dog parent means that you will always have some hair in your house and especially on the furniture which can be tedious to clean. Dog furniture contain the fur and minimizes the time he spends on your couch or carpet.


Dog products made of quality materials will serve your fury friend for years; until he outgrows them. Even then, smaller dogs and puppies who’ll come after him can still use them.


Your dog might become anxious when you leave him alone in the house. Dog furniture and dog accessories will give him company and provide him with a sense of security thus helping him/her relax.


Sleeping on a hard place or the floor can deteriorate your dog’s health. Dog furniture will keep him cushioned and ease the pain caused by diseases or injuries.