How to clean a dog bed without a removable cover?

How to clean a dog bed without a removable cover

Cleaning a dog bed with a removable cover is relatively easy. Moreover, most dog beds come with covers that reduce the workload when washing since all you have to do is throw them into the washing machine. But the challenge is on how to clean a dog bed without a removable cover.

Some dog beds come without removable dog bed covers which makes them rather difficult to clean because you may not just toss the whole bed into a dryer or a washing machine.

Here are some really creative ways to wash a dog bed without a removable cover.

Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum cleaners have a way of sucking up the air on the surface of the dog bed creating a partial vacuum and thereby sucking up all the dirt they can from the surface. So if yours is not a washable dog bed; a simple and precise way you can use to clean a dog bed is by using the vacuum cleaner.

As you vacuum clean the dog bed, besides the conventional dirt, you also need to be keen to remove any sign of pet hair. Pet hairs tend to stick on most dog beds. Uphold the vacuum hose on the surface bed to ensure a spotless clean dog bed.

Ensure you also wipe out the fur and the dust.

Use a stain remover

Usually, if the dog bed has poop or urine stains, use a stain remover before washing the bed. However, this can be overly difficult if you don’t have a removable cover. When washing, you can use hot water to kill all germs/insects or eggs on the pet bed. For the sake of the health of your dog, you should be sure to use a stain remover that’s made of a detergent that’s friendly to pets and won’t cause irritation.

Use some vinegar

Though sour, vinegar is an efficient cleaner. Vinegar is readily available, affordable, and effective in removing bad odors. It has a high acidity level which helps with removing tough stains and bad odors. For an average-sized dog bed, I suggest half a cup of apple cider vinegar, hot water, and a mild detergent to wash the dog bed for impressive results. If the smell doesn’t go away, use a full cup of vinegar (250ml).

Hand washing

If you have an extra-large dog bed that cannot fit into a washing machine, you can wash it manually. I know this can be exhausting but if you want the dog bed clean and this is your only card—it’s worth the effort. When using this conventional method, remember to use a pet-friendly detergent. This is where the instructions on how to properly wash a dog bed may come in handy.

Soak in hot water

Hot water wears out the dirt and kills germs so you won’t use too much effort scrubbing them off. Hot water also helps reduce bad odors on the bed. If it’s been a while since you last washed the bed, boil some water, add some detergent to it and soak the dog bed in it for an hour or so. When the water cooks down, scrub the bed gently using a sponge, rinse with a lot of water and hang it on the clothing line. It’ll be ready for use when bone-dry.

Always keep the bed clean

Cleanliness helps keep your dog healthy and free of disease-causing bacteria. Always be sure to set the dog bed at a place that’s dry and far from dirt. Even better, you can spread a comfortable blanket on top of the bed so that even if your dog comes on the bed with dirt, your dog bed will remain clean.

Ensure you wash them regularly with a mild detergent, and if you own a vacuum cleaner, vacuum clean it at least every week.

If you are tired of cleaning washing the dog bed manually from time to time, you’d consider getting beds with a

 removable dog bed cover or a washable dog bed. If you opt for the dog bed cover, be sure to take measurements before you buy one so that you purchase a perfect fit for your dog’s bed.