Is it safe for dogs to sleep under the blankets?

Is it safe for dogs to sleep under the blankets?

Is it safe for dogs to sleep under the blankets? Sure, there’s no harm but is it a good habit?. My dog always sleeps under blankets during winter seasons at first I used to be so worried because I thought maybe my pooch would suffocate while sleeping.

I would always wake up in the middle of the night to go and check on her just to feel if she’s still breathing. However, I just got used to that because I found out that she’s more comfortable sleeping under the blankets compared to when she’s not under the blankets.

Does your dog sleep under the blanket too–here’s why you should worry too much…

I guess you get worried too if your dog is the type that loves sleeping under blankets. However, you don’t have to be worried this behavior are not new since they come from way back when their ancestors used to stay in dens.

Normally, if your dog loves to sleep under the blanket, they are simply saying “Hey. I love you so much and I love to spend my nights close to you…or simply, your bed is warmer and comfier, I’d rather sleep here than anywhere else in this house.

Causes of this behavior; Why your dog sleeps under the blanket


  1. Expression of love.

Deeply embedded in dog DNA is a spirit of friendship–will other dogs and with man. No wonder we call them man’s best friends. The expression of this basic instinct is mostly seen in puppies since they love to cuddle up so that they can fall asleep.  

So, they bury under the blankets so that they can feel as if they have other dogs around them this another reason they will come and sleep by your side or bury completely under the blankets.

     2. The dog feels cold

Dogs can also sleep under the blankets if they feel cold especially during the winter season since they need that warmth, this also happens to dogs with anxiety. The blankets make them feel secure and safe that’s why they will always sleep under the blankets.

   3. Your dog may be sick

Dogs have a way of expressing their pain. If yours sleeps and the blanket and screams a lot or barks in sleep it’s a red signal. The dog may be suffering from some disease, say arthritis, and uses your bed to soothe the pain. Be sure to visit the vet for a medical check.

Is it a good idea to share my bed with my dog–what to consider before you let your dog under the covers?


  • Dogs can be aggressive

Dogs are naturally aggressive animals and the aggression is normally triggered by fear. While there’s no problem in sharing your bed with a dog, neither you nor the dog may have complete control of the impulsive aggression. It’s not even a habit, it’s at the core of the dog’s genetic code–a natural defense mechanism. So, the ideal question here, is, do you trust the dog that much with you under the covers

For instance, say, for some reason, your dog is trapped under the blanket with you and it just can’t ease itself out of the blanket. The dog will naturally feel he’s under attack, do you trust it not strike you?

  • Do you have a child under the cover?

If you share your bed with your kid and a huge dog, it makes for some conflict. One may not like the other invading into their space and the outcome may not favor your kid. It’s a risk you don’t want to take–especially if it’s a small child and a large dog breed.

  • Does the dog shed fur?

If your dog shed’s some dog hair on your bed, both you and the dog may develop health complications when you breathe the fur into your respiratory systems. 

You don’t like the habit? Here’s what to do

Normally, the best place for your dog to sleep is on a dog bed. Though safe, it’s not an entirely good idea to let your dog sleep on your bed all the time. A dog bed not only gives your dog a private space of its own but is also designed to give your furry friend more comfort and support than your bed would give it.

Although there are thousands of beds to choose from in the market, not all of them may be appropriate for your dog or for its condition. We took time to review hundreds of dog beds categorizing the best beds by sizes, by dog behavior and by dog breeds. Here are some amazing beds that your pooch would fall in love with instantly and help discourage the habit of sleeping under your blankets. 

To see your options based on dog breeds, head over to our dog bed reviews section and you will find a perfect fit for your dog’s breed.


Other to consider if you have a dog that sleeps under the blankets:

1. It is important to note that blankets that can be used by humans are always safe for pets. But, make sure your pooch feels comfortable when sleeping under it. Don’t assume your dog is comfortable while it’s not, remember dogs are different.

2. Make sure the blanket your dog sleeps under of good quality fabric during the day and ensure that the detergents used to clean it can not cause any allergies to your four-legged best friend if she’s allergic to various products.

3. It is also important to know the weak points of your dog before you allow it under a blanket. Once you know your dog well you’ll know the kind of blanket it can sleep under.

For instance, if you have a small puppy or an old dog don’t get or allow them under heavy blankets because they may get stuck whenever they want to get off the blanket due to overheating and may end up dying due to suffocation. Instead, get a lighter one or an open cozy bed that will provide the warmth it needs as well as enough oxygen. (Can also apply to heavy sleepers’ kind of dogs).

4. It comes as no surprise that your dog may chew and swallow some pieces from the blanket it sleeps under, as to which the pieces may cause health problems for your dog. So, be careful as you get a blanket for your dog and if it sleeps under the same blanket with you make sure that the material can’t be worn-out by your dog. It is advisable that you don’t get blankets with big spaces or holes in between the knits.

To crown it all, purchase a breathable blanket for your dog.