How to keep your dog cool at night

How to keep your dog cool at night

Weather changes from time to time and it’s something we can’t control—and our best friends can’t control it too. While we can change our clothes with regards to the weather, dogs are somehow trapped under their skin so we may have to help them out when they can’t help themselves to adjust to the environmental changes. In this post, I share some helpful tips on how to keep a dog cool at night. I hope you’ll find them insightful.

During summer, the nights can get uncomfortably hot yet the fur on your dog doesn’t get any lighter. Over these hot summer nights, it’s only fair that you get your dog some sought of cooling mechanism to help him or her cool off.

Generally, dogs love cool and warm spots where they can curl up to a deeply satisfying sleep. Therefore, you should be conscious of the temperatures in and outside your house so as to make your dog more comfortable—if it’s hot inside the house, the outdoors would do them well for the night and if it’s cold on the outside, the indoors would do them good.

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Here are some things you can do to keep your pet cool and warm all through the night.

Use the air conditioner

If you have an air conditioner in your home, you can always turn it on at night to maintain a cool temperature. The air conditioner is designed to fan air around the room to keep the temperatures right. If the cool air is unable to reach where your dog sleeps, you can position the dog bed at a more convenient spot where it benefits the dog too. However, if you don’t have an air conditioner, you can buy a fan and put it right next to where your dog sleeps.

Set up a cool surface

If the house is really hot, your dog will lookout for a cool surface to lie. If your floor is made of tiles, you can let your dog lie on it since tiles are cooler than carpeted floors. If your floor is not cool enough, you can opt for a cooling mat; cooling dog beds work magic on dogs.

Always put some fresh drinking water somewhere accessible

Under hot temperatures, your dog stands a risk of getting dehydrated rather quickly. The freshwater will help him or her cool off when the temperatures rise. Whenever you remember to, always set up a small basin nearby with fresh water. If you feel the water isn’t enough, you can add a bowl or two.

Put your dog bed downstairs

If you have a two or more story house, I would recommend you put your dog’s bed downstairs. Under the stairs could be a perfect position since the temperatures are a bit lower. Besides, below the stairs is also enclosed providing your pet with a secure environment.

Get a wet blanket

This is an amazing way to cool your pet on a hot night. It’s amazing because it’s pretty simple and straightforward. All you have to do is wet a dog blanket and it will automatically cool your pup off in its sleep.

Buy a small kiddie pool for your dog

Many don’t know this but there are kiddie pools for dogs and they are not even that expensive.  Just launch a search on your browser and you won’t miss one at an affordable price. Once your dog is used to dipping into the pools, it will do so whenever it gets hot. The pool water will efficiently cool your dog off so that it can go back to sleep without getting bothered by the high temperatures.

Occasionally, groom your dog

Grooming your dog eliminates the excess fur which traps heat near the body. If your dog has a large fur coat you might consider trimming it down during the hot months.


Whenever you’re feeling hot, you should always check on your pets too because they might be feeling the same. In your case, you can easily strip off your blanket but your dog wouldn’t strip off their thick fur. Take all the necessary measures to ensure that the high temperatures are not hurting your dog or interfering with its sleep.

I hope you keep a dog cool at night. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today.

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