Why Is My Dog Running In Sleep? (With Video)

Why do dogs run in their sleep?

(Sleep Walking Dog, Video Courtesy of YouTube)

It’s funny and sad to watch your dog running in sleep. I mean it’s not something you get to see every day; more like sleepwalking but rather hilarious but you still have to sympathize with the poor pet. Some dog owners go as far as recording the episode. But why do dogs run in their sleep? What is the root of the behavior? Is it something serious or normal?

Dogs bark sleep a lot, but cases of a dog running in sleep are rare. Most people may interpret such behavior as abnormal but it’s really no different from a human who talks in their sleep or sleepwalks. In my opinion, based on my personal observations and based on the conclusions of many research findings, this behavior in dogs is quite normal.

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Why Is My Dog Running In Sleep

Your dog running in sleep can be an indication that the dog is dreaming. He could be dreaming about chasing something or being chased by some threat; one can never be too sure. However, what we know is that dogs dream and experience nightmares as we all do. Other than twitching and running, you might also notice your dog paddling, moving the ears, making some weird sounds, snoring, or kicking.

This behavior can also be caused by seizures. You might want to be keen on this since seizures are rather abnormal and can cause progressive harm to your dog over time. You should take note that the normal movements made during a dream and a seizure are different though there’s a very thin line between the two. While the movements made during a dream are loose and don’t last more than thirty minutes, the movements made during seizure attacks, on the other hand, are rather rigid and violent. It is easier to wake a dreaming dog than a seizing dog. The latter often ends with searing pain, wild screams, and confusion which turns your dog’s mood to foul. 

If you notice that your dog is seizing, try to protect its head from any injuries but don’t wake it up—this could earn you a hearty bite. Let it wake up by itself after the seizure has passed. If you feel an urge to wake it up, keep a safe distance then shout the dog’s name till it wakes from the seizure. Afterward, reach out to the vet for further observation and treatment. In addition, you should always keep a record of the time and date the seizures occur as this vital information might help the vet with diagnosing your pet.

What should I do?

If your dog is running in sleep, there is very little you can do to help your dog because the whole running in sleep thing is pretty much normal. You can’t control how your dog dreams since this is a normal body process. One thing you can do is provide a lot of love and attention to your pet; this, in turn, will encourage positive dreams. You can also provide your pet with a peaceful and quiet environment for them to sleep. I would recommend you get a soft warm dog bed for your pet.


At first, a dog running in sleep can be worrying. But it’s normal. So. don’t give it too much thought but if the situation seems to get out of hand, plan a trip to the vet.

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