Why does my dog sleep on the floor instead of her bed?

Why does my dog sleep on the floor instead of her bed?

My pooch likes lying around on the floor—it actually got me worried to an extent that I started asking people if the behavior is normal. Checking online, I realized there are many people out there asking the same question.

It’s even more worrying if you bought the dog a high-quality dog bed yet it ignores the bed to sleep on the floor. So what do you do with the dog bed or the dog for that matter?

I sought answers and the answers for the common question “why does my dog sleep on the floor instead of her bed?” are pretty much interesting.

You see, when your dog starts to spend too much time on the floor, there could be two things involved; it’s either an unbecoming behavior or something is awfully wrong with the dog. Here are some of the common reasons as to why your dog would rather sleep on a cold floor than on a posh dog bed.

  1. Your dog feels hot

Dogs’ body temperatures can shoot up fast—like, a few seconds’ sprints is enough to get it panting. When they are hot, sweaty, and panting as hell, they need an environment that can help them cool off fast and that’s when your floor comes in handy. I mean, it’s more or less what we’d do when the hot summer sun wears us out; find a cool resting place to help normalize our body temperatures. Besides, a dog’s work rate is way beyond ours so their metabolism can change quickly. For this scenario, if you can afford a fan somewhere near the dog bed, it would help solve this problem.

  1. Your dog may be sick

Some dogs may show this behavior when feeling sick. Like other mammals, when a dog catches a fever, their body temperatures go up fast and they may want to lower it. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a fever—there are many maladies that could trigger this behavior. So if your dog doesn’t do this often then one day it’s acting all weird and sleeping on a floor, you’d want to take a closer look and examine what could be the root cause of the behavior. This is where I recommend a visit to the vet.

  1. Dog being protective

Dog easily get upset.  A little change in its environment is enough to get it agitated with excitement, panic, fear, or anxiety. Different breeds have different ways of handling their stresses. While some will simply run away and hide, others will bark and stand their ground—and when done “standing their ground” they’ll sleep on the floor till the stress dies down or the threat goes away. So if you are having a visitor who the dog doesn’t seem to like much, and it decides to sleep on the floor; don’t you worry, it’s just being protective. Good for him or her. It happens a lot when a bitch has puppies.

  1. They are not used to the bed

Another reason why your dog may sleep on the floor is that he or she is not used to the dog bed or doesn’t like the dog bed that much. While most dogs will love their beds almost instantly, others may take quite some time to get used to their beds. If the dog was used to sleeping on the floor before you got it a dog bed, at some point, it may get tired of the dog bed and suffer a relapse. It’s like quitting a deeply satisfying addiction then backsliding into the same addiction. For this, you’d try another dog bed, one that’s best for your breed.

  1. If the dog is so hairy

What breed is your dog? If your dog is full of fur it is likely that pets will often lie on the floor and not her bed. Fur dogs like the Bearded Collie and Bernese mountain dog easily get hot so they will often do what comes naturally.  You know that feeling where you’re always in a jacket—a permanent jacket that you can’t take off? Their long hair tends to make them warm so they prefer to sleep on the cold floor and not their beds because they won’t get a comfortable sleep.

  1. There’s something wrong with the bed or the dog doesn’t like it anymore

Dogs do outgrow their beds or the beds outlive their usefulness. If your dog used to love its bed so much and suddenly grows cold feet towards it, it could be a sign that you need to buy another dog bed. Also, something might be wrong with the bed or an aspect of that bed is pissing off your dog so bad that it’d rather sleep on the cold floor. Could be the bed is untidy, has some pests, wet or just uncomfortable and at that juncture, a change is as good as a rest. Take time to find out what the issue could be and if you are in a position to—consider buying one of these awesome dog beds.


A cold floor is not the best place you’d like to have your dog spend a lot of time. If the dog has a bed yet still spends a lot of time on the floor, something could be wrong either with the dog or the dog bed. Take some time to find out the root cause and solve it soon. I hope you found this piece insightful. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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