Why Does My Dog Like To Sleep Under The Covers

Why dogs like to sleep under the cover

We all appreciate some privacy when catching a sleep. I recently realized that it’s for almost the very same reasons why does my dog likes to sleep under the covers. It’s the reason we live in homes and it’s the reason those homes have rooms for every activity. Well, a dog’s take on privacy is not necessarily the same as ours but they are pretty close.

If you have slept with your dog under a cover at some point, the habit of sleeping under the cover will come almost naturally because it knows what it is missing when sleeping then cold. On the other hand, if the dog invents sleeping under the covers on its own—it just discovered a holy grail where it’d want to spend the rest of its nights.

This habit is witnessed more in smaller breeds compared to larger breeds; If you own small breed dogs you are likely to see it go under the sheet more often. This is normal because small dog breed love to burrow while larger dog breed naturally loves the outdoors.

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Here are some of the reasons why does my dog like to sleep under the covers:

  1. Anxiety

Dogs are hypersensitive so a touch, noise, or a slight change in their environment is enough to get them worked up. When they sense something queer, they won’t settle till they find out what it is and when they find it, they won’t settle till it goes away or until it gets used to the intrusion. When your dog is worked up, it’s anxious and worried because they are scared. They will usually up to their defense because they don’t know what harm the intrusion may cause to them. While some will stay and fight (or bark endlessly), others will simply run away with their tails tucked between their legs and hide under the cover. So, if your dog abnormally hides under the cover, maybe you want to find out what’s causing the anxiety or fright.

  1. Warmth

During the winter, dogs love sleeping under the covers for the same reason we all do—it gets freaking cold. While we all have heavy covers for winter, most of us assume that our pets have enough fur to deal with the cold, which is a little sad.  If your dog hides under the covers during the cold seasons, it’s a sign that you need to get it a dog blanket or one of these fine donut dog beds to burrow into.

My dog never sleeps under the covers during hot or warm seasons but whenever winter is around the corner my pooch often starts to hide under the covers so I know the cold is one of the reasons why does my dog like to sleep under the covers.

  1. He or she needs a place of its own

Another reason why does my dog like to sleep under the covers is for privacy. Most dogs, especially pregnant dogs yearn for some quiet and comfortable place away from all the day-to-day activities so that they can catch some deep and satisfying sleep. If your dog finds some warm and quiet place under the covers, and it’ll automatically become its favorite chill spot. If you don’t like the habit, make the kernel as comfy.

  1. It’s scared

Your dog(s) may want to sleep under the cover just because they feel scared and want some enclosed environment to hide. For instance, during the rainy seasons, when it pours heavily, it scares the s88t out of dogs so they’d want a safe haven that they find under the covers.

The covers will not only give them some warmth but will also help them calm their nerves and thereby relieve stress and with that, they will catch a peaceful relaxing sleep.

  1. Companionship

Generally, dogs are family animals that genetically wired to live in packs. Since we can’t have a whole pack in our homes, we might have just one or two. As they grow, they feel like there’s a gap in their hearts and take us for members of their packs. They get comfortable with us and have a deep urge to impress and spend time with us. No wonder they say “as faithful as a dog”. So the next time your dog follows you and burrows under the bed cover with you, it could be just for the companionship it yearns for.


I hope this post helped you understand why dogs like to sleep under covers. However, it is important to train it to sleep on its own bed; get a good bed with nice blankets or covers and let him/her sleep there. Feel free to ask for help choosing the best dog beds for your dog.

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