Why Does My Dog Freak Out At night?–Reasons and Solutions


Seeing your dog freak out at night can be a major concern. Puppies can be restless at night which is normal, but for older dogs, it can be a serious concern which you’ll look into because it could be an issue with your pup’s well-being.

Why dogs freak out at night

Night anxiety is a trait commonly found in young dogs or puppies especially when they are exposed to new environments. As time elapses, they get used to their new environment and the anxiety dies down. However, if the problem persists, especially in mature dogs, there might be a serious problem behind it.

Here are some of the common reasons for night anxiety in dogs

  • Pain

Dogs will be restless through the night when they are experiencing pain. The pain may result from bug bites, injury, or an illness. This kind of discomfort is one of the most common reasons why your dog freaks out at night. If this is the case, you should give your vet a visit so that they can figure out how to get rid of the root cause medically.

  • Poor eyesight

Through my experience with dogs, they can’t be timid in the dark for no reason. You see, dogs’ eyes are not like ours; they use infrared to see clearly in the dark so poor eyesight in the night can traumatize your dog. If you notice that the freaking out is mostly experienced after sunset, then the problem could be in the eye and a corrective measure would go a long way to solving the problem.

However, you can’t be sure of this unless you visit the veterinary. But I know for sure that when a dog can’t see clearly in the dark, it will be on high alert at all times causing it to freak out.

  • Dementia

As dogs grow older, ailments such as dementia may catch up with them. It is also referred to as canine cognitive dysfunction. The disease cannot be cured but there are medications that can ease its effects. Dementia can cause a lot of problems in dogs, especially in their sleeping and eating habits. If you are not keen on this, at times, you might mistake it for old age. Dogs suffering from this disease usually become anxious and disoriented.

This anxiety usually comes from forgetting where they are, hearing problems, and loss of vision.

Also, you’d consider a dog bed for dogs with dementia or dog beds for old dogs; these are carefully crafted orthopedic dog beds which will help ease the pains on your dog. They are comfy and easy on joints too.

  • Stress

Dogs experience stress too and the stress can cause them to lack the much-needed proper quality night’s sleep. This stress can result from noise or changes in environments. Dogs can also be subjected to stress-induced anxiety when you move into a new house, have guests in your home, or bring new pets. These situations can cause them to freak out and lack sufficient sleep, and when they do sleep they won’t be comfortable hence affecting their energy levels.

Solutions for dogs freaking out at night

Visit the veterinary

I think the best and most direct way to solve this problem is to consult your veterinarian. The cause of anxiety in your pet may be because of a serious health issue which only your vet may help you solve. Consulting a vet will lead to proper diagnosis and treatment of the ailment.

Physical exercise

Exercising with your pets regularly may give wonderful results. It will make your pet energized by each passing day. Furthermore, proper exercise makes them properly worn out; giving them quality and sound sleep all through the night.

Creating a comfortable environment

In my opinion, getting your dog a comfortable dog bed can help solve this problem. Ensure your dog sleeps in a clean, quiet, and comfortable place.

Train them while they are young

Dogs are animals of habit and when you suddenly change a given routine they tend to freak out. For instance, don’t allow your dog to sleep in your bed unless you are comfortable with it for the rest of their lives. In this case, when you change its sleeping place when it’s grown, the change will make it freak out at night. Train them to sleep in their particular spot while they are still young and let them stick to that spot.


Dogs are very faithful yet so delicate. Everything you do to affect your dog’s lifestyle may have far-reaching effects, and one of those effects is freaking out at night. For this reason, I suggest that you be more pragmatic when implementing a change. If you can’t figure out why your best friend freaks out at night, don’t hesitate to consult your vet.

Feel free to reach out to us if you need more help with your pup.