Why do dog pee in bed? (how to stop it)

Why do dog pee in bed?

A dog peeing in bed can be bothersome, I know it for sure. I once had a dog who’d do it almost anywhere and I hated the habit. Not only does it create an odor but it also becomes tiring cleaning its bed every day. This may also be time consuming especially if you running on a tight schedule.

While the habit may be annoying, peeing in bed is something that you or the dog may not control. Like with kids, at times it just happens even without the dog’s conscious knowledge. 

So, why would a dog pee in bed?  

Urinary tract infection

Dogs do experience urinary track infection–it’s a common condition among dogs and it’s one of the leading triggers of the habit of peeing uncontrollably. If your dog behaved quite normally then suddenly starts urinating frequently, then a UTI might be the problem. Other signs of urinary tract infection are blood stains in urine so if your ever notice some queer color in the dog’s urine, it could be UTI causing your dog some discomfort and the best thing to do would be to visit the vet as soon as in a position to.


There are many causes of anxiety in dogs ranging from change in diet to change in weather. Dogs are so sensitive–if you were listening to some music and increase the volume on your speaker, that’s enough to build up some anxiety in your dog. Anxiety is never a good thing for any animal because it comes with an aspect of fear and fear triggers adrenaline which would make your dog turn wild or overprotective. Anxious dogs tend have loose bladders and can’t help letting urine out whenever they can.

No need to worry though because anxiety often dies down as the dog gets used to the new environment. But if the habit persists, it’d be advisable to seek the counsel of a vet.

Marking territory

Dogs mark territories to claim them as their own or to leave a scent behind to attract a mate. This a vital evolutionary principal. This habit is common among male dogs but at times can be exhibited in female dogs. You can tell that your dog is marking territory if he is urinating in multiple places in small amounts. In order to minimize the occurrence of this behavior you’ll have to spay or neuter your pet. But he does it too much and specifically on the bed, something might be off and you’d need to consult a vet. 


Aging can also cause dogs to pee a lot. When dogs age their muscles and bones weaken so they may luck the strength to go out to take a piss. In old age, they may also have little control of their bladders. Old dogs also seem to be more anxious which further causes excessive urination. So if yours is an old pup, the best you’d do is get it a dog bed for old dogs to help contain the situation. 

How to prevent your dog from peeing in bed

Train your dog

Dogs adapt to what they are regularly subjected to or taught because like humans they learn by practice. I would advise that you train your dog where to pee while they are still young. You should give them timely bathroom breaks and walks. If it’s a mature dog, it can be because they don’t understand where they are supposed to relieve themselves. Older dogs are much easier to train compared to younger dogs.

Visit the vet

If it’s an underlying medical condition, a vet would be in a position to diagnose and prescribe a treatment. Through the vet, your dog will be diagnosed and put on proper medication.

Give your dog more opportunities to go to the bathroom

If you have a busy schedule throughout the day, your dog opportunities to go to the bathroom. Keep the doors to the relief rooms open all the time so that it’s free to relieve itself whenever it feels the need to. 

I hope you found this piece insightful. Feel free to get in touch with us for questions or more information on the issue of dog pee in bed, and we’ll be happy to help.