Top 10 Best Weight Bench Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Top 10 Best Weight Bench Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Whether for commercial or personal use, workout benches make up the most staple and complete feature that every gym needs to have. 

In addition to laying the basic foundations and training ground for every fitness enthusiast, they also help people train and work on each and every single muscle group in the body.

Before the invention of the good old workout equipment, some exercises like the popular chest press had to be performed on the floor, which was very awkward and impractical.

Today, with this spectacular invention, you can work out safely, effectively, and without posing any risk to your muscles. Here is the best weight bench review as well as some insightful tips that will empower you in finding the perfect match.

  1. Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series

All hail the king of a home workout. If you’re looking for the best workout bench for home and the ultimate luxury gym equipment, then the Bowflex 5.1 is exactly what you need.

Rarely you find such detailed and breathtaking features in one single workout bench that are designed to combine an impressive number of all strength-building equipment found at your nearby gym. With this muscle-building monster, you get the efficient performance and even removable leg braces for more workout bench options.

You can also adjust this bad boy through 6 different positions to give all the muscle groups in your body a thorough workover.


  • Corrects your posture and stabilizes workout position
  • Includes a 30-year warranty o the frame
  • Adjusts into 6 different and effective positions


  • The gap between the cushions could be a tad uncomfortable when workout bench is flat

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2. Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench for Home Gym Workout SB-670

For anyone looking for the best workout bench to work out the chest, back, shoulders, biceps, abs, and triceps, from the comfort of home, then Marcy is exactly what you need. Offering superior support and comfort, the SB670 upholstery is made from the best grade, high-density foam. To give you an all-round workout of your muscles through several positions, this bad boy has a multi-position back pad that adjusts from flat back to incline than to decline.

Everyone needs to feel secure while in the awkward decline position, this workout bench includes a sturdy and oversized leg holder that can be adjusted with foam roller pads. Other great features to look out for are chrome pop-pin slide track modification and a super durable powder-coated finish.

The Marcy workout bench functions fully independently and even adapts to fit almost any squat or rack, Smith machines, and half cages.


  • Chest, back, shoulder and abs deluxe utility workout bench
  • Back pad adjusts to 6 positions
  • Easily adaptable to plenty of workouts


  • Some customers claim that the spring-loaded spring for adjusting is tight, but what better way to begin your workout than with a good tug

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3. CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Weight Bench

This bad boy right here turns your home into a gym by taking bench workouts to an entirely new level. The durable steel frame is well built to last and includes a pleasant array of features that are essential to traditional weightlifting exercises.

In addition to allowing you to perform quite a number of upper and lower body exercises that will incorporate dumbbells, you can transform CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Bench for core leg exercises like crunches, leg lifts twists and others.


  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Very effective with dumbbells and resistant tubes
  • Complete, full-size utility workout equipment


  • There’s an excessive gap for settings larger than 90 degrees

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4. Cap Barbell Flat/Incline/Decline Bench

For most workout enthusiasts, it’s all about getting that well-rounded workout that will touch on all major body muscles. With the ingenious CAP Barbell Flat/Decline and Incline Bench in your home or gym, you can now vary your workout greatly with the decline, incline, and flat positions. You always need to observe safety at all positions.

That’s why this particular workout bench comes with sturdy foot placement that will not only significantly enhance your agility, but also build endurance and strength fast. Add the best tasting protein powder to speed up the progress.


  • 4 different adjustable positions
  • Comfortable handgrips that are covered in foam
  • Can support up to 300 pounds of mass


  • Some assembly required and the manufacturer has not included tools

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5. Ironmaster Super Bench Adjustable Weight-Lifting Bench

Sporting a sleek and futuristic look, the Ironmaster workout bench is truly a sight to behold. Weightlifters need to look no further than this beast. It is the epitome of superior strength, incredible versatility, and the ability to take your workout through a range of positions.

These include the flat, decline, upright, and even decline position. We all love a comfortable gym session, that’s why Ironmaster literally has your back with stitched vinyl upholstery and ultra heavy duty padding. In addition, it adapts to accommodate an ever-expanding list of attachments such as chin-up bars, dip bars, and the crunch sit-ups.


  • Ideal for weight lifting and dumbbells
  • Allows room for optional attachments
  • Easily adjusts to a vast array of angles


  • Tall people might find the upright angle a bit impractical

6. Weider Incline Weight Bench

It’s time to shatter the ever-confusing myth that weight lifting will always hurt your back. With all the technological advancements available in the market, it’s now possible to have a serious workout session with the help of the best home weight bench while feeling like you’re sitting on your living room couch.

The brilliant Weider Pro A/B 255 L Slant Board Bench not only feels like heaven for your back but is also surprisingly versatile. You can fold it from the flat to inclined, run a couple of sets then take her back down to decline the position.


  • Suitable for an array of dumbbell exercises and lifting some serious weight
  • Superior comfort with vinyl seats
  • Includes a complete guide and exercise chart-certified by a trainer


  • Some customers claim leg pads are a tad too close together

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7. Marcy Flat Utility 600 lbs Capacity Weight Bench for Weight Training and Ab Exercises SB-315

When it comes to working the hell out of your arms and core, only a flat bench will do. Once again, Marcy delivers excellence in the form of the Marcy Black Flat Utility Weight Workout Bench that will allow you to break free even in the most compact of spaces.

Designed to help you improve on strength and muscle toning, this best home gym weight bench is great for hitting the abs and couple other fitness goals that are now well within your reach.


  • High-density foam exterior with boxed upholstery for ultra comfort
  • Can be used with other workout bench equipment
  • A highly durable coating finish protecting against rubbing


  • Assembly instructions are pretty tough to decipher

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8. Powerline by Body Solid Flat Incline Decline Folding Multi Bench PFID125X

We all know how fussy it can be to assemble a workout bench from scratch. That’s why this multi-purpose best weight lifting bench can decline and even sit flat or decline for dumbbell and barbell sessions.

The superior versatility in the Body-Solid Powerline Incline/Flat/Decline Folding Workout Bench is simply unbelievable since it can be taken through 7 adjustable positions. Nobody wants to lug around heavy equipment and get tired before the actual workout session; that’s why the manufacturer included transport wheels to move things smoothly along.


  • Bottom has transport wheels for easier movement in the house
  • Can be used for chest presses, dumbbells, and more similar workouts
  • 7 different position to adjust and choose from


  • The cushions seem a bit weak and prone to coming undone; just don’t go too rough on the workout bench

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9. Universal UB300 Adjustable Bench

When you want a light and ultra-portable bench, this is the right choice for you. Straight from the box, you can tell just how light Universal 5 Position Weight Bench is.

If you prefer to get down and dirty with the dumbbells, this particular equipment has more than everything you need to help the process along. Instead of focusing on making the frame super heavy, the manufacturer incorporated some ingenious engineering that resulted in a sleek, excellent, and lightweight workout bench without all the extra weight, but with all the strength and durability required. This is considered to be the best bench for home gym according to many reviews.


  • Over 5 different positions for a ton of unique exercises
  • Works on your entire upper body and core
  • Light and very portable


  • No assembly instructions

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10. Universal Decline Bench

That’s right. Universal did it so nicely, we had to do it twice too. The Universal UB100 Decline Workout Bench allows you to purposefully define your core muscles with a set of different exercises like never before.

With this equipment in your gym or home, you can go for sit-up, aim for some twists, and even do some more core-building exercises with the dual incline positioning. This particular workout bench measures 17 by 45 inches and will comfortably hold a 200-pound person.


  • Allows for an array of core building exercises
  • Superior comfort thanks to eight-inch foam padded rollers
  • It is freestanding and declines in 2 positions


  • Some assembly required

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How to Choose a Workout Bench?

Every workout deserves to be as fun as it is effective. Whether you are training for the Olympics or just getting buff for the hell of it, you have to do it right and you have to do it the way it was meant to be. Why spend a ton of money on gym membership and yet never even get time to show up? Here’s how you get yourself totally sorted with the best weight bench set for home.

Identify the Different Types of Workout Benches

  • Flat Benches

These are the most simple and straightforward type of benches in the market. They have no moving parts that need to be adjusted, just a plain, flat surface for the weightlifting beginner. You gotta crawl before you walk grasshopper, same applies here.

Start off with a flat bench to assess your strengths and verify what your restrictions are before moving on to the big boy class.

  • Multipurpose Benches

By far and up to date, multipurpose benches are the most versatile workout equipment you will ever spend your money on. After mastering all the workings of a flat bench, you can now get yourself a nice, solid multipurpose bench that will let you flex your muscles a tad more.

Not only can you use these benches in the flat position, but they also let you advance to incline and decline positions. Some specialized models even have military positions for the core training junkie looking to get ripped.

Neat Features

For weight lifters looking for a well-rounded and highly effective workout, then you need to get a workout bench with as many adjustment positions as you can manage to cram in there.

  • Safety

Always go for a workout bench that puts your safety first above all other factors. Safety features like racks and safety catches should be the most important feature to look out for. Weight lifters working with especially heavyweights should opt for the safest model out there.

  • Quality Craftsmanship

Effective weight lifting requires a solid base and a stable environment free from minor disruptions. When choosing the ideal workout equipment, go for the best quality and renowned brands that have passed the grueling test of time. Sacrificing quality for cheaper prices could get you a poorly made bench that wobbles or even comes apart after a while. The best benches are made from solid steel with very comfortable upholstery for the back.

  • Portability

Today, most workout benches are not only sturdy, they also offer surprising levels of portability. They are designed to take up little floor space and the best ones even fold up for convenient storage. Utility benches are the most portable and even demand less room than racked ones.