Relaxing Dog Music for Sleep

Relaxing Dog Music for Sleep


When I first heard that there’s music out there (relaxing dog music) to help dogs sleep, my mind was blown away. Like, who composes lullabies for dogs? Can they do a concert for dogs. Well, there’s some eeriness to the idea of music for dogs. 

Medically, dogs need a lot of sleep. Seeing your dog not sleeping at all may be devastating to most dog owners. Music can be a remedy to ease your dog into a deep sleep if all pampering doesn’t seem to work. All you need is the perfect music to soothe your dog into slumber. 

Music for dogs

A fearful pet can be properly distracted by inappropriate music. But music can be a double-edged when dealing dogs because the appropriate music may cause them to settle down or fall asleep. Generally, peaceful sounds for example, sounds of water running smoothly from fountain can calm your dog to a sleep. Studies indicate that dogs, especially puppies are very sensitive to sound than humans are. This means that you don’t have to put loud music to ease your dog to sleep, just the right music at a frequency that their ears can catch is good enough.

Here is how it works:

Slow music will slow the brain waves making your dog feel more relaxed–and soft sound has a way of doing this to humans too and other animals, not just dogs. A slow rhythm also slows breathing which in turn lowers metabolism of the body and this creates a great condition for falling asleep.

Moreover, slow tempos can be used to calm your pet since it releases endorphins which is a natural painkiller and reduces the secretion of stress hormones.

I’ve tried sleeping with some booming hip hop music on and I have also tried sleeping with some soothing lilting slow music at the background and I know for sure that slow music would help create a conducive environment for some good sleep.

There’s only one way to prove this, you’ve got to try it…

Use of music to calm pets is not common though, but very effective. Music acts as a natural sedative which calms down troubled animals into a rather deep sleep. Besides, music can help secret some hormones to relieve pain that even drugs cannot. Music used with orthopedic dog beds work great for old dogs.

How to do it right

First, it would work best if you get the dog to settle down on its bed because you don’t want your dog falling asleep on a cold floor. Then, I’d prefer that you choose the music that you like since pets tend to respond more to the music their owners like but it has to be some slow music. It helps if it’s music you’ve listened to before in the presence of the dog so that the music and your comforting presence will relieve it of anxiety. For agitated pets, I’d prefer you use soft music which has a slow but steady rhythm. This also works well for pets with arthritis to calm their nerves and muscles.

You just turn the music on and wait for 15 to 20 minutes and see the effects. From what I know, most pets love classical music especially Mozart. Southwest and soft jazz with nature sounds can also be a good pick to calm your pets down. The music you play should be melodic–Feel free to put the music all day long especially when your pet is stressed.

Loud music on the other hand can be used to cheer up your pet after a long day or if your dog is depressed. Rock music for example is perfect for such scenarios.

The type of music you play to your pet on a daily basis, reminds your pet of your presence. This helps more-so when you are away from home and you don’t want your pet to feel lonely.

How to setup the music

You would buy a small portable speaker or just a small radio than can support SD cards. There are many options for small portable speakers in the market that are rechargeable using USB cables. Thanks to the advancement in technology, some of these speakers are Bluetooth-enabled making it easier to play music from your phone; you don’t necessarily have to be in the same room with the dog.

Once you get your hands some quality speakers, put them strategically near your dog’s bed and turn the music on. You can play the music for as long as your pet is asleep or till it catches sleep then lower the volume and eventually turn the music off. If you are unsure of which type of music to play you can search online where you can get hundreds of soft music to soothe your pet to sleep.

Why would a dog need music to sleep?

Music is very important even to humans. It plays a some role in maintaining ones mental health by relieving us of stress and lowering the secretion of not so healthy hormones. In dogs however, it can be used to relieve anxiety especially at night when the dog finds it difficult to sleep. Music has a comforting nature to dogs just as it has on humans.

So, what better way to help your dog recuperate after going through stressful situation if music can even help ease the pain pets go through while under medication.

It also helps pets to calm down by creating that happy and peaceful environment for them. For pets with separation anxiety it can help them adapt to situations more easily. In addition, it helps pets sort out through their thoughts when a secure environment is created.