7 Reasons Why My Dog Has To Sleep Touching Me

My dog has to Sleep Touching Me

Understanding dog behavior can be a tall order. However, if you have some insight on the matter, you can learn a lot from these loyal four-legged canine friends. Dogs use body language to communicate with us since they cannot talk. This is specifically seen in their sleeping habits. So, what exactly does it mean when my dog has to sleep touching me?

Various dog experts have studied why dogs sleep in contact with their owners. All have concluded that your dog is trying to tell you something when he/she sleeps while touching you. It’s a vivid message, “I love you, and I love to stay close to you. I feel so comfortable being around you.” In this post, we delve deeper into the finer details on why your dog has to sleep touching you. Let dive right into it.

The root of the behavior

Your little pooch has a unique way of showing love and affection. It requires a lot of patience and works on your part to understand these messages. The main reason is that your dog is trying to compliment you or trying to tell you how special you are to him/her. In my opinion, this is a good gesture thing, and you should encourage the behavior by giving him/her a shoulder to lean on.

However, most dog parents are not aware that dogs are pack animals by instinct. This is how they managed to survive back in the day. Each pack had a leader who was the chief protector of the pack. When we reflect on the pack mentality, your dog could be looking up to you as his protector. Therefore, this might cause it to stay close to you or touch you. Besides, animals belonging to the same pack slept close to each other and in touch with one another for warmth.

Other common reasons your dog sleeps while touching you

  • It’s protective

Your dog could be touching you because it’s protective. This can be seen mostly when you are around other people or others. It can do this while sleeping with you and facing the main door concurrently. You are his fortress.

  • It’s looking for attention

Your dog could be seeking extra attention from you. It can do this if you make it a common habit of giving it attention whenever it touches you.

  • It feels safer

Most dog breeds feel the urge to work alongside their owners; it’s just how they were bred. They feel more secure when they are in the company of their owners. Therefore, sleeping while touching you or sleeping on top of you will make it feel safer and less vulnerable.

  • A sign of affection

It can just be a way your dog shows love. This can be seen if it tries to get you to rub its back or stomach before going to sleep.

  • It’s wants something from you

Your dog can behave this way if it wants something from you. It can do this, especially when it’s around the same time you usually give them food or take them for a walk.

  • It seeks comfort

Your dog might feel more comfortable while sleeping near you or touching you. You will notice this behavior if they refuse to sleep in their dog bed and instead choose to sleep with you. They will also place their heads on you and won’t show any abnormal behavior.

  • They might be suffering from separation anxiety

Most dogs need a lot of attention once they have been separated from their previous families. Your dog may not want you to leave his/her side, and when you try to leave, it will tend to sleep or lay while touching you. They might also show signs of anxiety in the morning when you are off to work. Here are the best dog beds for separation anxiety.

So, should you encourage the behavior?

If you are one of those dog parents that has a clingy son or daughter to deal with, then you could be wondering if it’s something you need to put up with. Well, that largely depends on you if you are okay with it since there isn’t any underlying health condition that you need to look in to. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry so much about it. In addition, some dog breeds tend to be clingy more than others; it’s just in their DNA. However, always remember that allowing your dog to sleep with you is an option.

I wouldn’t recommend pushing them away either since that’ll bring feelings of uncertainty about their place in your life. This will be the case if you consistently push them away from you. Bringing his/her bed close to yours will still make them feel like part of the pack. Other methods you might put into consideration to reduce the tendency of this behavior include:

1. Positive reinforcement training

This is one method that proves to be effective in teaching dogs what behavior is acceptable and what is not. You can use it to teach your dog to lay somewhere else other than your bed. The best way to do it is by rewarding it in case it shows signs of good behavior. To effectively use it to ensure your dog sleeps in a certain spot, you can follow these steps:

  • Come up with a comfortable location that you want your dog to sleep in.
  • Get your dog to stand there then reward it when it complies.
  • Encourage your pooch to lay down while offering treats.
  • Do it consistently until it learns that laying results in a treat.

2. Reducing separation anxiety

As stated earlier, your dog might be touching you due to separation anxiety. You might try to reduce anxiety by giving it daily exercises. Furthermore, you need to feed it and let it pee before going off to work so that it doesn’t have to wait for so long.

3. Provide a comfortable spot to lay on

You should consider providing your dog with a comfortable and quiet place to sleep. Many high-quality dog beds in the market can provide top-notch comfort and security for your little furry friend. You should consider getting them one that is within your budget range.

Other considerations and solutions

As mentioned earlier, some dog breeds tend to be clingier than others; therefore, when adding a new pet, you should consider whether you want a clingy one or not. Dog breeds such as Maltese, Pomeranians, Lhasa Apso, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are more on to the clingy side. It’s not only limited to small dog breeds, but also large dog breeds such as English Bulldogs, Golden Retrievers, and Collies are more affectionate as well. Take your time and research on the various dog breeds and their personality traits. Furthermore, you can also consult your local vet on which dog breed suits you.

There you have it, if you have any queries on your canine BFF, feel free to get in touch with us, and we’ll gladly help.


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