Keeping Dogs Warm Outside

Keeping Dogs Warm Outside

Chilly weather can be so unpleasant sometimes for both you and your dog. However, most of the time, humans tend to forget a lot when it comes to keeping dogs warm outside. This makes the dog feel helpless since they can’t tell their owners that they need some warmth to fight away the cold.

Many dog owners will notice that their dogs are feeling cold by seeing the following behaviors in their dogs; shivering/ shaking, raising their paws off the ground, whining or barking, and due to the cold, they may seem anxious and sometimes uncomfortable. For those reasons, you need to know how to keep your dog warm outside to protect your friend from the cold.

So, here are some of the things you need to know for you to keep your dog warm outside.

Get to know your dog well

For you to know the best way to keep your dog warm outside, you’ll have to understand your furry friend well. For instance, you have to know the breed of your dog-I know many dog owners don’t even know their dog’s breed, something I find so disappointing.

It is an added advantage if you already know what breed your dog is because this will help you know how much your pup can withstand cold. We have dogs that have a thinner coat while others have a thicker fur coat. The ones with thicker fur coat are likely to withstand the cold better compared to breeds with a thinner fur coat. In a nutshell, knowing the type of dog you have makes it easier for you to decide whether to keep your pup in the house or just leave it outside.

Use of Dog sweaters

Just as we don’t love putting on sweaters to shield us from cold, your pup may not like them either. However, you may need to give them a try over and over again for the sake of your friend.

Just like toddlers, they may be stubborn but they’ll adapt as time goes by. On that account, you may check out some worthy sweaters for your pooch online that will help keep your them warm during cold seasons.

Heated Dog Blankets

A heated dog blanket is one excellent method of keeping your pup warm anytime he’s in the kennel outside during those cold nights in winter. If you’re a dog owner and you are wondering how to keep your pup warm outside, heated dog blankets are the ideal option.

Elevated dog beds

During the cold seasons, the ground is always cold. This is where elevated dog beds come in handy. Therefore, for you to ensure that your pup is safe from cold outside then elevated dog bed should be one of your options.

You can get elevated dog beds for outdoors that will raise your dog off the cold ground. This bed will save you big time because whenever your pooch is outside playing then gets tired it will take some rest on the warm bed, not on the ground.  Visits to the veterinary will decrease as infections triggered by the cold will be minimal.

A Pair of Dog Boots

Get your doggy a pair of booties that will cover his paws when walking outside during winter. During the winter, most of the ground is covered by snow. For this reason, dog boots are essential during this time since they protect your friend from cracked paws that may cause discomfort while walking.

The boots also keep your pooch’s paws clean and warm during the cold season. It may be also important if you train them to wear the boots from when they are still young because it can be hard to get your older dog to put on boots. Nevertheless, you can still train them.

The dog boots are a voguish and up-to-date technique to keep your hound warm outside during the cold seasons

Get your pooch a suitable shelter

The shelter is one of the basic needs for humans and inherently applies to dogs too so, you need to make sure that your dog has a nice shelter too. For instance, puppies, sick and aging dogs may not be able to sustain the cold hence should have warm shelters.

If your dog loves being outside or you’ve trained them to sleep outside, consider keeping your pup warm by getting him an appropriate shelter. Upon getting the shelter, furnish the surface with warm clothes or blankets that will protect your pup from the cold ground. The roof of the shelter needs to be sloping. You may consider heating and insulating the room.

There are many designs of dog shelters and even if you’re on a budget, you can still get something nice that your pup will enjoy using. Check online and on Amazon to find very affordable options.

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