How to keep your dog warm at night

How to keep your dog warm at night

When it gets to nightfall, temperatures tend to drop immensely; therefore, most dog owners look for ways to keep their four-legged friends warm. Not only does it get merely cold at night but there are some months that get extremely cold to an extent that their fur coat can’t keep them warm enough. This makes dogs uncomfortable and disturbed. What makes the cold even more dangerous is that it can cause hypothermia or frostbite both of which may cause pneumonia. Here are some reliable tips on how to keep your dog warm at night.

Provide a warm bed

By providing a warm bed, you’ll be doing your dog good because it not only keeps the dog warm but also gives it some cool orthopedic support which aids recovery and enhances sleep. Round dog beds with a sunken middle or burrow dog beds make great picks for warm dog beds. They provide amazing comfortable support and your dog can easily burrow in when it gets extremely cold. Ensure the bed is a little raised from the ground.

Use a dog crate or encircle the dog house

During cold nights you can put your pet in a dog crate or encircle the dog house. You just have to ensure the dog crate is warm and cozy or has one of these cool dog beds for crates. However, the enclosed dog house should be large enough to allow your pet to turn back and forth and to sleep in any position it desires.  If the dog bed is put outside, it should be a waterproof dog bed so that it doesn’t soak in case it rains.

Proper nutrition

Maintaining a warm temperature during cold nights requires a lot of energy therefore you should treat your pet to a proper diet. A whole meal with lots of carbs will go a long way. Besides, with a proper diet, you wouldn’t worry much about visiting the vet regularly.

Choose the dog breed wisely

If you are considering buying a new dog, you should be keen on the breed. Some dog breeds are more susceptible to cold weather than others. You should be keen on this especially if you live in areas that are cold all year round. Dog breeds such as Huskies, Alaskan malamute, and Chow chows are good picks for cold regions. You may also consider Saint Bernard which has been used as a rescue dog on various occasions in the Swiss Alps. These dogs have thick fur coats which allows them to cope up with adversely cold weather conditions.

Occasionally groom your pet

Grooming your pet helps to keep their fur coat in order—it softens the fur coat which in turn prevents clumping. Clumping reduces the insulation making your pet vulnerable to cold temperatures. This will help your pet especially if they are suffering from ailments such as arthritis and diabetes. At least, grooming also makes your pet look more attractive.

Use thick or soft blankets

If you have old sacks and blanket somewhere, they could help with enhancing the comfort of your pooch so don’t throw them away. I would recommend woolen blankets since they preserve more heat. If you can, buy a new blanket designed to offer your pet for that warm and cozy feel.

Use heat pads

If your pockets are deep enough, you can get your pet heating pads. They will suit your pet well since they provide sufficient heat, orthopedic support, and comfort.

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