How Much Does It Cost to Groom A Dog?

How Much Does It Cost to Groom A Dog?

Dog grooming is an essential service, because, like we all need grooming for our well-being, so do our dogs. If you fail to groom your dog often, they stand chances of having matted hair that host-parasites. These parasites can cause diseases to both the dog and other members of the family. To be blunt, if you can’t groom your pooch as appropriate, maybe you aren’t ready for one. However, the good news is, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. There are dog salons in almost every city in the US, so all you have to do is drop your furry friend at the salon then pick him up sometime later. Of course, you’ll part with some money.

Most dog owners are willing to use dog grooming services, but the question most of them ask is, “how much does it cost to groom a dog?” We scoured the internet and looked for viable answers for you. In this insightful post, we break down the grooming options and where you can acquire dog grooming services and the average costs of dog grooming.

Basically, you can choose between the dog grooming salons or the mobile dog grooming salons. Whichever of the two options you go with, you should be aware that the pricing for the mobile dog grooming option is a little higher as compared to going to the dog grooming salon because the mobile salon incurs costs in moving the grooming accessories to your location.

You should also know the specific services your dog needs. If you tend to your pet’s grooming needs often, you are in luck because the dog will require only a few services, unlike dog owners who don’t clean their dogs often as it’ll take more effort to make their dogs clean. That’s to say, to reduce the costs of grooming your dog to a minimum, you need to brush and bath your dog in between services regularly. This gives the dog groomer a more relaxed time and consequently reduces the amount of time and money you will be billed.

Factors Considered by Dog Grooming Service Providers When Pricing Pet Grooming

The basic considerations when billing you for a pet grooming service are the dog’s size, how dirty the pet is, the dog’s age, medical conditions, ferociousness, and how long it’s been since you groomed the dog. While those are the primary considerations, different peg groomers might consider different metrics, so the criteria are fairly flexible.

However, for the mobile dog grooming salons, there are a lot of other factors that might be considered. These are; where you live (ideally, the distance they have to cover to get to the dog’s location), what type of grooming services your pup may require, and the temperament of your dog, to mention a few.

Where to Find Dog Grooming Services           

Dog grooming is a universal essential service that people in all countries and continents need. That’s to say, if you are in Pennsylvania, your mobility and the groomers’ mobility may be limited by geography. It also means that the dynamics or finding a pet groomer in one city may be totally different from the dynamics in another. This is because of the need for the service, the cultures and regulations vary from one location to another.

So, dog grooming service, though not in entirety, is a local service. That’s where Google comes in handy. If you want a dog grooming service in Pennsylvania (ooh, my State), and you key in “Dog grooming service in Pennsylvania,” Google will (automatically) give you results that are closest to your location. Yay! That’s how fantastic local search can be.

In the same light, regardless of your location, theirs a pretty good chance that there’s a reliable dog cleaning service on Google, in your city, that will show up in your search results when you launch a Google search. That’s the most convenient way to find where to find a dog grooming service.

Nonetheless, there are different websites and salons which provide the pricing information on dog grooming service providers. They include; Angie’s list, Cost, Pet care, and PetSmart, to mention a few.

Each of these websites charges differently for the services they provide, but the charges usually linger within the same price range.

The Actual Cost of Grooming A Dog

  • On an average, the price for complete dog grooming servicing is $53.
  • When we consider breed and age, on an average, the cost for complete dog servicing ranges from $30 to $90.
  • When we consider the size, if yours is a small to mid-sized dog breed with thin hair, you’ll part with between $30 and $50. For Medium to large-sized dog breeds, you will pay between $50 and $70. For Large and giant dog breeds, normally with thick fur, you’ll pay between $70 and $90.

The Costs of Other Specialized Dog Grooming Services

  • A regular dog bath may cost you between $23 and $65. This may or may not come with additional services such as ear cleaning, nail trimming, blow-dry, a 15-20 minutes brush out and spritz.
  • Grooming that requires everything may cost you between $52 and $91 depending on many factors and how specialized the service is.
  • First puppy bath, for your puppy that’s under six months old and weighs up to 40 pounds, you will be charged about $15. This value can shrink or expand, depending on different factors.
  • Second puppy bath for your puppy that is under six months old and weighs up to 40 pounds, you will be charged about $23. This, too, will depend on various considerations.
  • Other additional services offered may include: Flea and tick services ($6 to $8), re-moisturization and oil treatments ($12 to $20), Shaves with brush-outs and scissoring ($6 to $16), nail trimming together with medical baths ($6 to $14), and special services with a spa treatment ($6 to $28).

In case you decide on using the mobile grooming salon, and your pet misbehaved, showed flaring temper, or was too aggressive during the grooming session it’s kind that you tip the service provider as a show of good faith and gratitude for their efforts.


Before making the crucial decision to either walk your pooch to the salon or invite a mobile grooming service provider, you should know your dog breed, size, age, and the type of service you want for him or her. This vital information is crucial in estimating how much the groomer will bill you so that you can budget for in time. After your pet is properly groomed, be sure to maintain its clean coat by regularly brushing it. Also, remember to periodically trim its nails to avoid infections that may be caused by dirt held in the paws. Regularly check its eyes for mucus, if any, carefully wash the eyes on a regular basis. Be sure to have a grooming schedule of your dog.